We offer a wide variety of services to our clients in both marketing and business consulting.


Complete marketing strategy

By combining all avenues of marketing, your brand will be supercharged and stand out among the crowd.

Digital marketing

Utilize booming social networks and digital platforms, applications and affiliate systems,... to maximize online reach under measurable interactions.

Offline marketing

With addition of traditional advertising like OOH, press, mass media, we can create a boost for brand awareness and sales. A combination of publicity stunt and social networks will spread even wider.


Branding strategy

Carefully picked yet impactful ideas will be applied to whole campaign, from branding design to sales promotion, from publicity stunt to influencer marketing.

With assistance of high rated suppliers and design agencies, final production quality is ensured.

KOL marketing

This is our favorite weekend activity. More than a class, our beginner obstacle course is designed to be fun! It’s like being back at summer camp without the drama.

Market research

We’re partner with top market research agencies such as Decision Lab, N-equals, Kantar World Panel… to pin down target market and demographics.

Specific needs and behaviors will be categorised to assist creative direction and budget management.


Business strategy

Partnership strategy

Funding strategy

Business intelligence